Original Rock/Roots Band from Queensland, Australia  

Welcome to our site! We are Agnes Blue, a 2 Piece High

Energy Brother/Sister Rock/Roots Band from

Queensland, Australia. On Drums and Percussion is

16year old Frea, and on Guitars and Vocals is 18year

old Jack.

Our Brand New E.P 'Losing Control' is out now and available everywhere!

Find it on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music and more.

Physical Copies can be purchased at a show or online at:


‘A duo this young shouldn’t be making music this unique, this edgy, this polished, this good. This is everything that’s good about rock ‘n roll.’ – RARA’s Farm (Rock Music Blog)

'Agnes Blue were outstanding, a young male / female duo of guitar and drums who rocked, reminiscent of a rather famous American duo' - scenestr

'Mad beach blues' - nat tencic (triple j)

'An up-beat raucous affair' - Tender Branson


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